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Doubles in tennis is not singles. This simple strategy wins more sets than all other bright ideas combined.

12 Doubles Strategies that will change your game Tennis

The gigi method doubles instructional program:

Tennis doubles strategy videos. Singles is youth and fitness; For some, you have a partner that you play with often and whom you know quite well. Doubles is sort of what i call king of the net.

I’m generally better at the net than at the baseline, and my partner is stronger at the back so we’ll see how it goes. When it comes to tennis doubles, strategy and communication are key. The game of doubles is infinitely different from singles.

Here are tips on how to develop a partnership that takes you to match point. To be successful in doubles, a lot of strategy is involved. These videos below show the complete strategy, tips, drills and tactics behind tennis doubles and the correct placement of players.

Attack the middle of the court. Singles is s game of push and be pushed. In other words, tennis doubles is two vs two players in competition.

And it's actually quite simple There’s some great content on youtube about this, particularly with the guys over at essential tennis and top tennis training. Returns are hit cross court keeping the ball away from the net man, the net is lower in the middle, and you have more court to work with when you hit diagonally.

Playing tennis, especially doubles and mixed doubles, is a great way to constantly challenge yourself physically and mentally. As you all know, the common direction of play in doubles is cross court. While there are many excellent tennis video available online, these specific videos explain and demonstrate the strategy fundamentals i've chosen to teach.

4 tips for doubles strategy in tennis. Come in, hit an approach shot off that short return, and now you're at the net. I’ve also found doubles to be incredibly fun as you get better and when you find partners you have chemistry with.

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It might seem like a relatively simple game of tennis, but the best pairs will play off of each other and use smart tactics to give them the edge. Remember, in all these doubles tactics and strategies, the important thing to remember is that generally being at the net is a good idea. Singles is length, will, and baseline jousting.

This post is only available to members. Doubles is angles and net play; How to steal a set in doubles.

This strategy is common among professional doubles tennis players like the bryan often see points where both players end the point only a few feet away from the net. Home / tennis instruction / doubles / doubles strategy. 6 basic tennis doubles strategies.

Posted on january 24, 2020 doubles strategy. The most important doubles strategy is to get both players on the same team to the net as quickly as possible to end the point. See more ideas about tennis doubles, tennis, doubles.

My usta teammates and i learned a ton about doubles strategy over the past few months from roger dowdswell, tennis director at manhattan plaza racquet club. So over the past few days i’ve been watching quite a few videos on the best doubles strategy to use. It is not always about pure talent with doubles.

Two tennis players combine forces to compete as a team, challenging another team of two on opposite ends of the tennis court. Everyone can improve their tennis doubles skills by watching our videos!. Tennis doubles strategy by tennisinpittsburgh.

Brazil’s marcelo melo , left, returns the ball to argentina’s carlos berlocq and diego schwartzman as teammate bruno soares covers from beside during the davis cup doubles tennis match in buenos aires, argentina, saturday, march 7, 2015.(ap photo/natacha pisarenko) Not all of the strategies listed will be used by a doubles team. Doubles is a game of pull and be pulled.

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Two players at the net is a significant advantage, as volleying makes the balls move quicker and harder, leaving less space to get around your team, and forcing the other team to play more defensively. The game of doubles is first serve, first volley, and return of serve. Strategy plays a huge role.

Below are common strategies you can use in your tennis match for different situations. In this video we’re going to look at using the alley in doubles. Tennis doubles strategy and tips. is where gigi shares all her knowledge of doubles. Our expert coaches teach technique, strategy, tactics, strength and conditioning, nutrition, mental toughness, and the unique lifestyle complexities of being an athlete to competitors and sport participants at all levels, from beginner through professional. Doubles is contingency and auxiliary strokes.

As many of us are preparing for the fall and winter tennis season, it's a great time to focus on ways to improve your doubles game. So, you serve and stay back and wait for the return to be short. An online line program covering all the steps of the gigi takes 3 hours to go through and consist of 60+ videos explaining each of the steps in depth.

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